MSK graduates

Students who graduate from our CAP program are eligible to enter university. MSK will continue to provide educational opportunities that will support and facilitate their transition to this new step in their lives. We are still finding some challenges with our MAP students once they graduate from MSK. Kuwait still lacks programs that will accept such students. We need to educate parents on the need to force a change in the parliamentary mindset regarding allowing academically able special needs adolescents and high school graduates to maintain jobs in the community as well as to create more awareness of this need within Kuwaiti society.

Beyond being one of the best schools for students with LD in Kuwait, our aim is to be one of the best schools for students with LD in the Gulf Region. To pursue this, our future goals include:

  • keeping our educational expectations achievable for all students at each grade level while not limiting students’ possibilities
  • using differentiated and multisensory approaches to optimize student-centered learning
  • keeping up with the 21st Century by using computer-based learning tools
  • continuing to teach and coach the use of higher order thinking skills
  • continuing to provide the needed resources for students and staff for enhanced learning (Science Lab materials)
  • continuing to provide educational, social and emotional opportunities to gear students towards earning a high school Diploma and graduating from our CAP program

We look forward to:

  • increasing the probability for placement in our CAP program through early intervention and identification techniques
  • getting our MAP students involved with more entrepreneurial and volunteer opportunities designed for Kuwaiti youth empowerment.

Graduates from MSK have been accepted into or are attending :

  • American University of Kuwait
  • American University of the Middle East
  • Australian College of Kuwait
  • Gulf University of Science and Technology
  • Kuwait University
  • University of Arizona – Tucson
  • Virginia Commonwealth University -Richmond,  USA