MSK profile

MSK reputation has been growing through the years, becoming one of the best schools for students with learning difficulties in Kuwait. Our staff, administration, and school community maintain the highest standards in this regard and continually strive for excellence.

Our school’s primary instructional focus is to educate students with learning difficulties who are capable of progressing academically. Our students have Learning Disabilities (LD).

Our learning program aims to provide the structure and support needed to help students reach their academic potential and our high standards. Students may graduate through one of two Ministry-approved plans: a standard high school diploma which may be Literary or Scientific, or a certificate of completion with the ASDAN Award program.

Our teachers, instructors and support staff provide

  • student-centered programs which are collaborative and provide life-related learning.
  • A two-tiered educational program in Secondary School;
    • The Challenge Academic Program (CAP) and Modified Academic Program (MAP)
  • Arabic programs as required by the Ministry of Education;
    • Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and the Holy Qur’an.
  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs).
  • Support services and therapies: speech, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, reading, math, behaviour Intervention and career advising.
  • Short-term counseling, crisis intervention and testing services.
  • Learning resources and activities, such as computers and library/media center.
  • Instruction in art, computer literacy, physical education and swimming.