School Climate

At MSK school climate is characterized by fairness, trust and mutual respect. Administration and teachers work closely as a team to promote the social and emotional well being of the students. This is evident in our Morning Assembly (MA) routine for grades from PK – 5 and our Skills for Adolescence program for Grades 6-12. During MA, we do flag salutation and we provide a thematic approach towards awareness topics. A very effective program has been put into place with “Skills for Adolescence” to address awareness, prevention and responsiveness to issues such as child abuse, sexual harassment, hazing, bullying and discrimination in any form, how to build friendships, cooperation and collaboration, problem solving, career readiness issues, etc. The program has equipped our students with a better understanding of the world around them and has given them skills to deal with the above mentioned issues. Learning these skills will make them confident, respectful and caring members of not only the school community but also of the outside world.

As a part of school culture concerns, an awareness campaign is designed and carried out each school-wide to address the above mentioned issues. So far MSK has successfully finished three such campaigns 1) Anti-bullying, 2) Tolerance, and 3) Friendship. These campaigns have had far–reaching effects on students’ social skills. Students now understand fully that mutual respect is a part and parcel of their education at MSK. In the future MSK plans to continue with such programs to help our students master many social skills, which in turn will make them better members of the school community and Kuwait society. To inculcate the sense of responsibility and fairness amongst the students, MSK annually provides clearly written and well-defined statements of expected behavior and consequences of non-compliance and a mechanism for appeal via the Student Handbook.

MSK motivates students to persevere and be concerned with excellence by celebrating students’ efforts and achievements in meaningful and culturally sensitive ways. It supports individual students in pursuit of excellence in various achievements or talents. The following are some examples:- Academic Excellence, Academic Improvement, Academic Achievement; such as Writing Award – Math Award – Spelling Award – Science Project Award – Social Studies Project Award, Perfect Attendance Award, Excellent Behavior Award, Star Helpers Award, Hard Work Award.

MSK staff and parents have a relationship of mutual respect and trust. Trust means that all the information related to students, parents, and staff is treated with an appropriate degree of confidentiality.

MSK actively supports the development of student leadership and encourages students to undertake service learning. This has been handled by secondary SFA classes twice a year and elementary classes collecting clothing, toys, and food, and money donations for the Children’s Cancer Hospital. MSK Student Council actively promotes and models global environmental awareness and responsibility across MSK’s community, and this has been addressed by Scope and Sequence of Social Studies and Science in the 3R’s, (Reduce, Re-use and Recycle), International Day, Bazaar Day, Kuwait National Day, Sports Day and Swimming Day.

MSK regularly evaluates its complementary programs to ensure they remain aligned with its Guiding Statements, meet student needs and interests, and foster global citizenship. This is to support the most rounded education possible in the ways of the wider world, their responsibilities within that world, and the lifelong commitment they must make to their people, community, culture, and those of other nations.