The dream, the vision, of schools for students with special needs was because of a very special girl – Muneera.

Muneera, one of the daughters of the owners was a special needs child. The dream began with the founding of Ideal Education School in 1996. Students at Ideal are significantly mentally and in many cases physically challenged. The owners soon realized that there was another segment of the special needs population that needed a safe learning environment designed to meet their needs. These students who are learning disabled and are slow learners may also have ADHD and/or be physically challenged.

In September, 2007, Manarat School-Kuwait (MSK) opened its doors. Since then the school has been defining the population it is able to serve and has received authorization from the Ministry to offer two academic programs through to Grade 12. Muneera has since passed away, but the dream in her memory lives on.

MSK was chartered by the Ministry of Education-Kuwait to serve the educational needs of children with learning difficulties and special needs, ages 3 – 21.The school is situated behind the American University of Kuwait in Salmiya which is on Salem Al-Mubarak Street.

MSK is a widely recognized school in Kuwait because of the unique opportunities it provides for all children; respecting their individual and special needs, cultural backgrounds and the aspirations of their parents.

There is a rich array of skill and experience among teaching, support and administrative staff. On-going professional and school development is considered vital in maintaining the school’s learning culture.

MSK is well resourced. In addition to teachers, administration and a large number of support staff, the school has a wealth of materials and equipment to facilitate and enrich student learning. Computers and Information Communication Technology are increasingly integral parts of the teaching process.

MSK is developed for students with learning potential, who are experiencing challenges that are interfering with their ability to be academically successful. MSK was created in order to help these students more fully develop their intellectual, social-emotional, and physical potential, thereby providing them with the necessary skills to be successful at higher levels of education and in life.

Students at MSK learn through their strengths rather than from placing emphasis on their weaknesses. They are taught learning skills and techniques that work for them. They have the opportunity to develop skills and talents that will assist them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses. The students learn compensatory skills that aid them in developing strategies to overcome their weaknesses.

MSK students receive services based on their Individual Education Plan (IEP). This document is created by the MSK specialists and is reviewed regularly. It is based on the body of evaluations conducted thus far, outlining the current skill levels, defining measurable objectives, and providing a baseline for improvements.

Student progress is reviewed on a regular basis. MSK has a specifically defined mission. We recognize that we cannot provide programs for all students. On occasion, we find that a student who has been accepted is not benefiting from the program. When this happens, the parents are advised and all efforts are made to provide assistance in finding a more appropriate learning environment.

Management Structure

The school is governed by a Board of Directors. The school has a General Manager.

The members of the Administrative Team are: Principal, Vice Principal of Administration, and Vice Principal of Curriculum and Instruction.