The role of the PTs is to focus on a student’s ability to move as independently as possible in the school environment. The PTs evaluate the student’s ability to move throughout the school and to participate in the classroom activities. The PTs determine the student’s needs for PT services based on a doctor referral and an initial screening at the beginning of each school year. The student will receive 1:1 therapy and/or hydrotherapy sessions and a group session depending on the student’s needs. The PTs prepare purposeful and goal-directed activities, which are included in the IEPs of relevant students, based on the evaluation results. They implement the plan and prepare a report at the end of the school year. The PTs, under the guidance of the Head of Specialists, collaborate with the teachers and other members of the specialist department who are involved in the student’s overall program. The PTs suggest environmental modifications and train staff to manage the physical needs of the student.