School Psychologist

The primary role of the School Psychologist at MSK is to evaluate students who are seeking admission to the school and to maintain on-going assessments to track each student’s progress. The psychologist provides a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the student’s intellectual abilities, levels of educational achievement, approaches to learning, and specific strengths and areas of concern. With this information, MSK specialists with the Homeroom teachers develop an Individual Education Plan that endeavors to meet the child’s educational requirements. In addition, the School Psychologist provides behavior and psychological consultation for teachers seeking to gain a greater understanding of individual student needs. The psychologist provides brief situational counseling for students as needed. The psychologist develops and maintains professional relationships with individuals and programs in the community and assists parents in finding appropriate community resources for their child as needed. The psychologist provides crisis counseling as needed; social skills training in partnership with classroom teachers; behavior plans in partnership with parents and teachers; and coordination of testing. Counseling is available only on a limited basis through MSK. We do not provide in-depth psychological counseling. Students requiring this service are referred to outside agencies and/or professionals. MSK services are for short-term care only.