Communication Policy

MSK strives for effective communication between parents and staff to provide parents with many opportunities to learn about the school’s educational aims, programs, and pedagogical approaches, and so that parents can help support student learning. These include methods such as emails, SMS, Instagram, or WhatsApp and the communication or assignment books, the daily means of communication between the school and the parents for assignments, projects, homework, information and any concern from the teachers or the parent. In addition there are the IEP’s, progress reports, report cards, school web site and awareness workshops for parents. MSK provides a unique atmosphere for a positive learning community that has vertical and horizontal communication. This has been made possible by MSK’s addition of HoD’s for all departments. These helped MSK foster a meaningful flow of information and a significant interchange of opinions among all sectors of the school community. It has helped students and parents in creating a collaborative culture based on a shared vision of responsibility and a sense of belongingness.

MSK creates student learning opportunities by effectively using the skills of its own community members and by building partnerships with external agencies such as local businesses and professional organizations. The development and delivery of the school’s complementary programs demonstrates sensitivity to the needs and beliefs of different cultures, and fosters engagement with the local culture and promote global citizenship. This has been handled by overseas trips for the students, Robotics, KOC team visit, book fairs, Sultan Center team visit, art competitions, football competitions, swimming competitions, and Quran competitions.