As the standards in our educational programs developed, the admissions policies were honed to ensure that the students accepted are able to access our curriculum and supported by teachers and staff to success.

Due to the evolution and raising of MSK’s standards, we can provide evidence of alignment in the following areas:

  • Admissions procedures
  • Learning expectations
  • Engaged and active learning environment
  • New MSK curriculum
  • Focus on critical thinking and questioning along Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Effective inclusion of Technology in instruction (Flipped Classroom, Sensory Integration)
  • Data-driven practices
  • Staff and specialist professional development
  • Parents’ attitude towards learning (Professional development sessions for parents)
  • Daily “Skills for Adolescents” (SFA) program in secondary and Morning Assembly (MA) program for elementary
  • Student Council
  • Robotics program
  • Participation in UNESCO
  • Successful collaboration with the Board of Directors
  • Cohesive administrative team working toward one unified goal
  • Support by the team of Specialists with regard to classroom-based therapy and case management

1) Application

Admission to our school begins with the submission of a completed Application for Admission, by parents or guardians, on behalf of the child. 

We will also need copies of medical reports and previous school records.  Please be sure to note the list of documents that we require during the Admissions Process and after acceptance.  We cannot process your child’s admission until all paperwork has been submitted.

2) School and Medical Records

If your child has been enrolled in a school, your signature on your child’s application gives us permission to request a report from the school.  Your signature will also give us permission to contact your physician or referring organization to discuss issues related to your child’s health, records and assessment data.  MSK does not request outside references or recommendation letters.  

3) Acceptance

Parents will be notified in writing of their child’s acceptance as soon as processing is complete.  Upon the child’s acceptance, parents will receive a Parent-Student Handbook which gives a detailed description of the policies and procedures in MSK.  Parents will be asked to sign that they understand and will follow the procedures in the Handbook.

4) School Fees

In order for your child’s place to be held, fees must be paid or arrangements made prior to the opening of school.

Assessment Fee:    30   KD (nonrefundable whether the child has been accepted or not)
Registration Fee:    200 KD (Reimbursed by Public Authority of the Disabled)

5) Required papers

  • Four (4) current photographs of the applicant (passport size)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of applicant
  • Copies of Civil ID (Father, Mother, and Child)
  • Passport copy
  • Copy of residence visa and passport – for non-Kuwaiti students
  • Transcripts and report cards from previous school(s)
  • Previous psychological and achievement assessment reports
  • Nationality Certificate – for Kuwaiti Students Only
  • Behavior Report from previous school
  • If applicable: medical reports for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and/or speech and language therapy
  • If applicable: medical reports explaining any physical disability
  • Copy of the Special Education eligibility document provided by Public Authority of the Disabled.
  • Completed and signed Application for Admission
  • Registration process must be completed by father

Additional documents required after acceptance and prior to enrollment

  • Clearance certificate from previous school
  • Immunization records
  • Medical History form completed by a physician
  • Conditional Acceptance letter signed by the parent
  • Registration fees
  • Registration form
  • Medical file