Instructional Services

Physical Education

The students at MSK are instructed in the Physical Education curriculum standards provided by the Ministry of Education-Kuwait. The PE classes are conducted in the Arabic language. Access to the general curriculum is provided for all able-bodied students as well as for those for whom available supports, accommodations, and modifications are sufficient to meet their needs. For students whose physical condition is too compromised or for whom physical activity must be seriously curtailed, physical education is provided by Physical Therapy department.


The goal of the swimming department is to provide high quality swimming instruction in a friendly supportive setting where children are able to progress at their own pace to become safe and competent swimmers.

The students at MSK are instructed in swimming according to the Swimming curriculum standards provided by the Ministry of Education-Kuwait and the Arabic language is used for instruction to insure safety. Medical restrictions are the only reason why students would not have access to the swimming and water safety program.

Fine Arts

The students at MSK are instructed in the visual arts according to the Visual Arts MSK curriculum provided for their specific grade levels and course names. All instruction is given in English, except where translation is necessary to provide conceptual clarity for the students. Instruction and practice is provided for in the various styles of the visual arts as well as in the history of each form of artistic expression, according to the curriculum and course description.

Information Technology

Information Technology courses at MSK are designed to give the student an understanding of the concepts and skills needed to survive in our computerized society. It also offers the students opportunity to develop computer skills that will enable them to be productive citizens in the information age. Students will problem-solve and create word processing documents, spreadsheets, graphics presentations and databases. IT courses are now available for all students after it was only restricted to High School students. We appointed another IT teacher to provide instruction to Elementary students. We also created a computer laboratory for this purpose.