MSK Teaching and Learning

Student learning is the main focus at MSK. All of our educational (academic and behavioral), social-emotional, therapeutic services and school-wide activities are focused upon student learning outcomes.

Our student learning expectations are clearly stated in our curriculum and the Scope and Sequence of instruction for each subject and grade level. We have specific academic objectives in all academic subjects which build on critical thinking skills, multi-culturalism, global citizenship, career planning and preparation, as well as special interests, health and safety, behavior, and daily living objectives. All learning outcomes are clearly stated in each objective and the codes for these must be placed within lesson plans to show that teachers know why they are doing the things they are doing with students – or what the learning outcome should be.

Our students’ learning is measured in a variety of ways. We use a portfolio system for IEP growth measurement; Literacy Assessments, and Key Math instruments are standardized measurements of student achievement in reading and math.

As a data driven school, MSK uses the students outcomes from the various assessment tools to drive instruction and make decisions regarding student learning (Repeat, Exit, and Placement) as well as to identify staff needs for PD.